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Night Diving

Exploring the underwater world at night is fascinating and fun!
As the sun sets, you don your dive gear, slip on your mask and bite down on your regulator. A deep
breath and you step from shore – into the underwater night. With the fick of the switch, a whole
new world illuminates before you and comes to life under the glow of your dive light.. Second shift
has began and what you will always miss during the daylight hours now come out to do their thing
for our entertainment. Whether you are having a blast at a local lake or on your next tropical adventure,
don’t miss out on some of the coolest adventures and most fun you can have diving at night!
How do you do this right? Take our Night Diver Specialty of course! Your instructors show you the
way, opening the door to a realm of possibilities and teaching you the fundamentals of how to
make your night diving more safe, fun and enjoyable. Your A Diver’s World professional Instructors
are by your side every step of the way making sure you are enjoying how fun night diving can be.
They will pass along their expertise to show you the best ways to get the most of our your diving at
The adventure, thrill and excitement of night diving can be yours when you complete your PADI
Night Diver Specialty course with A Diver’s World. You learn about night dive planning, equipment
and navigation. You practice these on three night dives, plus introduce yourself to the whole new
cast of critters that comes out after the sun goes down.
• Must be a PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification
  from another organization) and 12 years old
• Number of Dives: Three
• Dive lights and night diving equipment
• Entries, exits and navigation at night
• Nocturnal aquatic life
• Communication and light handling
• Materials: You’ll Need a Night-Pak, which includes PADI Night Diver Manual and the
  award-winning PADI Night Diving video.
• Certification counts toward the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.
  Come night diving with A Diver’s World and see the underwater world in a whole new light – a dive
This is an Individually Customized Course.

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