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A Diver’s World provides you everything needed for the beginning snorkeler to the avid experienced diver and all levels in between. Our large selection of product lines carry the industry's unbeatable performance, quality, warranties and guarantees, so that you enjoy peace of mind and worry-free dive experiences. From split fins to air-integrated dive computers, digital underwater cameras to dry snorkels, wetsuits of all ranges, and gadgets and gizmos galore!

Our lines include Scubapro, TUSA, Uwatec, Henderson Wetsuits, Stahlsac Bags, Pinnacle Dry Suits, Underwater Kinetics Lights, SeaLife Cameras, Sea Pearls, Pelican Lights and Dry Boxes, Ikelite Camera & Video housings, Gear Aid Products, Trident Accessories, and much more.

Need more air?

You're in luck! With our scuba cylinder special going on now, you get 30 FREE air fills with any in-stock new tank purchase! There’s no time limits here either, one more reason divers choose us for their gear needs.

Use our pool for FREE!

Just want to get wet, refresh your skills, blow bubbles or check out your new wetsuit for the right buoyancy adjustments?  A Diver’s World makes it easy.  All year round, diver’s who have purchased their SCUBA equipment from A Diver’s World may use our pool anytime FREE of charge as much as they would like. Enjoy another reward for choosing A Diver’s World for your gear needs. Simply call us to reserve the dates that work for you, fil out a quick information sheet and then meet us at the Pool!

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